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CSD 4200
Introduction to Fluency Disorders

Cindy S. Spillers, Ph.D.
Spring 2012

Welcome to the Home Page for
CSD 4200 Intro. to Fluency Disorders
Spring 2011



Another faculty member will be teaching this course in 2013 and 2014.


 Cindy S. Spillers, Ph.D.

 University of MN Duluth

 189 Chester Park (726-7992)

 Spring 2012

 Mon, Wed, Fri. 11:00- 11:50


 124 Chester Park


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My Philosophy for this Course:

A wise old grandfather in this profession once said that every person should choose a sphinx in their life -- an unsolvable riddle which they may devote their lives to solving. Stuttering makes a remarkable sphinx because it is one of the great unsolved mysteries of our profession. To some, the unsolvable mystery presents a nemesis rather than a challenge.

Our challenge in this course is to understand the mysteries of stuttering that people have unraveled thus far. Because of the mystery and unknowns that still surround stuttering, many theories and beliefs still float around. We will find that some beliefs and ideas about stuttering have more credible evidence behind them than do others. Part of our job becomes separating the credible ideas from the discreditable ones.

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