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CSD 8235 Counseling Applications
in Communication Disorders

Cindy S. Spillers, Ph.D.
Fall 2014

Groups For Responding to Suffering



















"The Meeting Place" and "From the Heart" both illustrate ways that health professionals tend to respond to suffering. SLPs can see quite a bit of suffering, as demonstrated by our guest speakers, and not recognize it.

As you talk about these 2 stories, think about suffering that you've witnessed and that you've experienced first hand. Think about what you've been taught about suffering, keeping in mind that most of what we learn is not taught to us overtly.

You may talk about anything that comes up for in relation to these 2 stories.  The discussion questions can give you some suggestions for things to think about.  Choose a group member to summarize and report on the group's activities. The report will conclude with 1-2 lessons from these readings that your group wants to carry forth.

Questions for "Meeting Place"

Questions for "From the Heart"




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