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The ReVision Project will be due by Tuesday of Finals Week, 12/21 at 4 p.m.



Class Blackboard for December 16

Course evaluations


Professor of English, Joseph Maiolo will read Truman Capote's, "A Christmas Memory" today at 4 p.m. in Weber Music Hall.


Today, we'll workshop the last set of Client Project according to the schedule below. If any of the links below are not active or correct, be sure to look for updated or corrected URLs in the Webx discussion Client Project URLs.

Remember, by the end of the day today,

  1. Copy and paste all the written comments you've made for everyone today into the form "Workshop Comments for Today" and click "Send." These comments will come to me. Be sure to label each set of comments with the project number and name of the project's author.
  2. Send each author your comments on his or her project by using the e-mail list on the the form "Workshop Comments for Today."


Thursday, Dec. 9 Tuesday, Dec. 14 Thursday, Dec. 16

1. Hovde, Dan
2. Jacobs, Sharon
3. Johnson, Jason
4. Johnson, Jayme
5. Klopp, Eric
6. LaPlante, Daniel


7. Leneau, Kyle
8. Lintula, Rachel
9. Loehrs, Nathan
10. Needham, Chet
11. Niemand, Jesse
12. Schindler, David
13. Torch, Erik

14. Underthun, Alison
15. Barr, Julia
16. Faiman, Mark
17. Hall, Joshua
18. Hanson, Ryan
19. Harbson, Alan
20. Higdon, John


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