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bullet Revision Project and Commentary due by Tuesday at 4 p.m.

The Revision Project will be due by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, 12/19. Please post the URLs of both the revision and the original to the Webx discussion "revision URLs," being sure to label which one is which.Questions on the ReVision Project?

To prepare for the ReVision Project, copy the files and folders from the original project's folder into the "revision" folder inside of "5250" (www/5230/revision). Be sure to leave the original project in its own folder.

Please turn in a printed commentary to my mailbox in H420 by that same deadline.

bulletCourse Evaluations

bullet Questionnaire

Please complete this brief, multi-choice quesitonnaire by the end of class today. Your answers will be used to measure what is taught in this class, rather than your own performance. They will not affect your grade in any way.

bullet Before Class Begins Today

  1. Review the workshopping page for ideas about what to discuss in your comments.
  2. Visit the Glocalizaiton projects scheduled for the class meeting in the schedule below. Before class on workshop day,
  3. Type and printout written comments and suggestions for each project scheduled for that day. Bring both the printout of your comments and the digital file to class for copying and pasting (explained below).
  4. copy and paste all the written comments you've made for everyone scheduled for that day into the form "Workshop Comments for Today" and click "Send to Craig." Be sure to label each set of comments with the project number, the name of the project's author, and the correct date of the workshop.
  5. Write, print, and turn in a commentary on your own project to turn in at the beginning of class.

bullet By Tomorrow at this Time

Send your comments to the project authors we discuss today via the e-mail list on the page "Workshop Comments for Today"

bullet Client Project After Workshop (Final Version)

1. Revise: Once we have completed the workshopping of your Client Project, I will expect you to revise the project using those comments before turning the site over to your client for public use.

2. Repost: Also post the final version of the site your "www" folder (the same URL as the workshopped version), and, before

3. E-Mail me by our final exam time (Tuesday 12/19 at 4 p.m.) to

  • notify me by email that the final version of the Client Project is ready for review,
  • in that email, summarize what changes you've made since the workshop version


client project

Workshop Resources



Thursday, December 14 (last day of class)

13. Jennifer M.

I thought i already posted my site this morning but i can't find it so here it is again. my client is the student healthcare management association. Their audience is registered UMD students of all majors but specifically Healthcare Management majors. they wanted a fun professional looking site with an area that they can have a survey.

14. Anthony M.

My client is on of my roommates, Justin Sorensen. He is a senior at UMD who loves photography. I created this site for him because he's wanted a website to post some of his work on, but he has never had the tools to do so. This site is intended for anyone who enjoys photography. He not only hopes that people will enjoy his work, but will possibly consider purchasing some of it as well. We really didn't have any disagreements. He told me a rough idea on what he wanted, gave me a few pictures to put on the site, and then basically gave me full control on the design of the page.

15. Erik P.

My clients are the leaders of the Chi Alpha small group I'm a member of. It was slow-going early on, since there were few opportunities to discuss the site at first, and they also weren't immediately clear on what content exactly they wanted for the site. At one point we considered going the route of making it a blog community site for just the members themselves, but learning that the UMD server doesn't support such functions sullied those plans, so it was decided to have it be an informative site for those seeking to join a small group instead. The reason there are so few pictures is that I haven't received the ones the client wishes to use yet, as the result of some massive computer problems and all those images being on said computer (hopefully by the time of the desired site launch, the computer issues will have been resolved). A final word about the color scheme: originally it was a dark green the client wanted, until they realized that such a color didn't fit the theme of "Fireside Chats" very well. Then dark orange was picked, until it was realized that a fiery background in a golden color projects a much better mood than one atop a dark orange shade. Also, the background shade changed from being cyan to dark blue as well, because the client felt that it helped to make the rest of the site stand out more, and even give it a bit of a radient look.

16. Jeremy R.

My client is the farm that my dad and grandpa operate. My grandparents are completly technology illiterate, and my father has no time, desire, or knowledge to create a web site. I hoped that viewers to the site would gain knowledge about our operation, and possibly purchase beef. The site could also be a reference for people who are buying beef from us and want to know a little bit about our operation. I drew upon the character of the farm, to use an ethos appeal.

17. Allison R.

My Client project is about The Faribault Emeralds. I use to be on the team so I knew quiet a bit already. They do have a webpage, but I went a different route using more info about the team and what they do. I would like to add more in the future.

18. Danielle T.

My client is the New London Cafe, where I work. I knew they didn't have a website and were interested so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use them as a client. I tried to pull together a few different aspects, such as our coffee, the meals that are offered and contact information. Hopefully when I revise it, I can add some better features but for now its not a bad start.

19. Mao (Mollie) Y.

My client is to the all the people who knows about the Homng new year as well as the people who did not know about it, taking the interculture comm. i see that there are alot of people who did not what happen to the hmong people and what holiday we have. this is the time we celebrate hmong new year, that why i decided to do my clint on the hmong new year.

Thursday, December 7

1. Todd F.

My client page is for the UMD Lacross club. Me being a member of the team was my biggest interest in doing this. Also the teams webpage needs some improvement and I feel that my page adds some stuff that that page doesn't have. There are a few more things that i would like to add.

The target audience for this was Minnesota lacrosse players, people interested in the team, and members of the team. I was trying to bring professionalism to the team and also make it informative. The coach wanted a website that catered to the players, alum, and people involved to the team.

2. John G.

This website was created for the client David Wermerskirchen, a senior at UMD Duluth. David has been a member of the Blue Balls team for over 3 years now and captain for the past 2. David had a few problems as team captain: recruitment, communication with and retention of broomball players on his team. We have decided to target other students at UMD who are active in intermural sports for our target market.

3. Jason Hed.

My client is the UMD Cycling Club/Team. Previous to having this website, this club had no way to communicate or inform other members of upcoming events and news. The site is aimed primarily at UMD students as well as staff. I hope that this site helps students feel that this club is concrete and has structure rather than being just a bunch of goofoffs pretending to be something they're not. The client wanted a place to inform members about upcoming events as well as a place to contact lead members. Talking to other members of this "club", we had difficulty deciding whether to call it the "UMD Cycling Team" or "UMD Cycling Club". We decided on "UMD Cycling, to cover both possibilities. Ethos is used to show how the client is very welcoming to new members. Pathos is shown on the Home page in that the styles of the members are described.

4. Jason Hei.

My client is a lawn mowing buisness that I worked for over the summer. The audience is townhome associations that need yard service. They currently do not have a website.

5. Matthew J.

The client is my roommate, who works in television under several different roles. The most important role to him is the editing and creation of video he does for creating promotional and special use clips for the station. He wanted a "resume site" where he could direct potential employers so that they could easily check out his resume and some of the work that he's done at the station. I tried to keep the site visually creative enough to reflect the work that he does at the station, while still adhereing to some basic usability rules. The intended audience of course is a future employer so that they can get the standard information to base their decision on.

Tuesday, December 12

6. Dan L.

This page is for my sister. She is both a financial aid worker and teacher of a college learning strategies class here on campus. Her intended audience would be mainly her students. My client wanted a very clean, subtle, and simple website. She didn't wan't glamourand fancy pictures. My main disagreement I had with her requests was the solid color background. I thought that it was too boring and lacking appeal. For this site, I was shooting for a simple audience focused Pathos.

7. Rick B.

My client is a Professor here at UMD needing a website for a course homepage. The audience for this site would be made up of students, those currently enrolled in the class and possibly those interested in taking the class in the near future. The website is currently built off of fall semesters syllabus, and will feature more content as it becomes available. Items to be added include more pictures to convey conflict and violence, as well as forms for suggestions and comments. (posting student feedback, etc)

8. Kimberly C.

My clients are my parents who own a house in arizona.

My intended audience is middle to older aged couples or singles who are looking for a peaceful rental house.

I hope my website would encourage people to email or get in touch with the owners and also find out more information about the area.

My clients wanted a clean look with more neutral colors. They also wanted plenty of pictures. they really wanted to keep it simple- nothing fancy were their words.

I had absolutly no issues over this project. we colorbated on the home page intro paragraph and other than that they let me do what i wanted- within reason.

Ethos-I wanted to create a desert feel. I wanted it to be simple and natural. Pathos-more simple audience with a feeling of comfort and that they could make this place a home.

9. Renae C.

This site is a webpage for a Band who is based in Duluth. The point of the site is to further introduce people to the band and help the band's fan-base grow. The audience can be all lovers of music, but mostly the local audience. The band struggles with the Duluth-music scene because it is generally not their type of music. Hopefully this site will gain the fan base the band needs to have a higher demand and book more shows.

10. Elliot D.

My client is Wuda Wooch! an outdoors club that start in the 70’s at UMD. This club is involved with trips to the outdoors to have fun in nature. Trips have been taken not just in Minnesota and Wisconsin but other places all over the United States. Some of the things they do are camping, hiking, bon fires, and much more. The site is created for the current members as well as students that are interested in getting involved with an outdoors club. On the site people will be able to learn more about the club, including history and up coming events. They will also be able to view pictures of past events and trips, and get contact information to find out more or ask questions. Wooch! also wanted me to put on a page for an assortment of links that might be useful to the members. I wasn’t so sure about the links page, but I think I got it to work well with the rest of the site as a whole. One interesting issue was that the club has been around so long and hasn’t had a site. They have had people working on sites but one was never completed over the years. After I started with making the home page, one of the members gave me an old site home page that was half finished and still needed the rest of the sub pages. I liked the lay out a lot and though it captured the club persona that I used a lot of the concepts and images. I did how ever change the color scheme, I changed some of the sub-pages, and I also put the lay out into a table instead of movable objects.

11. Emily E.

12. Michelle F.

My client is Phi Sigma Sigma--the National social sorority here on campus. The group needed a website to be able to use for recruitment purposes and to show to member parents, as well. The intended audience for the site is potential members, family members wanting to learn more about the group and for current members.We didn't have any disagreements over the site, the group just wanted a nice looking site that they could use for recruitment purposes.


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