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Wednesday, November 26



bullet Roll

bullet For Today You Were To:

  • Write and come in with paragraph describing your client and the purpose of the site you want to create. Have this paragraph in electronic form.
  • Read the handout "3 out of 4 Visitors..." for discussion next time.

bullet Questions?

bullet Post Your Paragraph
Post the paragraph about your Client to the Webx discussion "client descriptions." This post will count as a quiz grade.

bullet For Monday, December 1
Bring in all materials related to your Client Project

client project

Museum Sites as Models
Choose one example or idea discussed in the New York Times piece, "3 Out of 4 Visitors to the Met Never Make It to the Front Door" and write a paragraph about its possible relevance to your own Client Project idea. Post this paragraph to the Webx discussion "museum web sites."

What can we learn from the efforts of these museum staffs, who are trying to make the fullest use possible of their Web sites?

After you've posted, I will call on some of you to discuss your thoughts.

This posting will count as a quiz grade.




See the in-class handout.

Post your exercise to your "exercises" folder and send the URL to the Webx discussion "forms URLs."


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