Wednesday, November 26


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bullet For Today You Were To...
Bring in your Analytical Essay to turn in at the beginning of class.

bullet Collect Essays

bullet For Monday, December 1

  • Choose a topic for your Capstone Project
  • Bring all materials related to your choice of topic for the Capstone Project
  • Bring your Tufte book

capstone project

Introducing the Final Two Projects

See the assignment page for this next project, due at the on 12/12, the last day of classes, at noon.

Note that the ReVision Project will be due by the final exam time of Friday 12/19 at 2 p.m.


Inserting an Image into a Web Page

  1. On your USB drive, create a folder called "www" and, inside it, a folder called "4260"
  2. Inside "4260," create a folder called "exercises," and, inside it, a folder called "first_page".
  3. Inside "first_page," create a folder called "assets."
  4. Copy an image into "assets."
  5. In Dreamweaver, save a new HTML page into "first_page".
  6. I will show you how to insert that image into the HTML page.

Moving Files to the Web with Dreamweaver
I will give you a handout for this exercise.


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