Sharpening Topics/Angles for the Glocalization Project

semiotic square

  1. Open the following list of this semester's proposed topics/angles.

  2. As you read over the list of ideas, imagine you are someone living in Phoenix, Arizona (or wherever) who will never leave Phoenix except via the Web, visiting a Web site created around each of these topics/angles.

  3. Into the "Glocal" column, copy and paste the site topics/angles that someone might find compelling, interesting, and relevant in the "Truly Glocal" column (assuming that they shared an extra-local interest or passion with the site and its creator).

  4. Into the "Local Only" column, copy and paste the site topics/angles that would exclude you because they seem tailored to a local visitor interests.

  5. Into the "Global Only" column, copy and paste the site topics/angles that might interest you in a general way but not necessarily enable you to experience or learn about a distant locale from Phoenix (Duluth, Beaners, Ely, etc.).

  6. In the "Not Geographic" column, copy and paste the items that seem neither local or global.

  7. Reconsider your choices, especially in the "Only" and "Not" columns. If you shared a certain interest, taste, passion, enthusiasm with the creator of the site, could you imagine moving any topics/angles to the "Truly Glocal" column.
    • (In parentheses, type in what that special interest, taste, passions, enthusiasm would need to be for that item to stay in the "Truly Glocal" column.)
    • What if you changed the wording of the item to re-focus the angle, or took just one of several possible angles. (Indicate such changed wording in items on your list with bold.)

  8. Move those items that you added parenthetical insights or bolded revisions if your improvements make them genuinely glocal