Scene-to-Scheme Project

You will design a home page for a character from a written work, either fiction or non-fiction...

As a source of ideas, you will choose a particular "telling scene" from this written work to suggest visual themes, colors, a unifying tone, and other elements for your design scheme.

Though the page will be highly visual, your design should accommodate at least two areas of editable, HTML/CSS text.

We will also learn an alternative means of designing pages to what we have learned in the McFarland book which uses Photoshop.

This project is an experiment in

  1. conceiving a coherent and original design scheme through an "inductive," creative process, and
  2. producing a page using an image-based method of construction

You will turn in a photocopy of the scene from the written work with your commentary, and explain how the design scheme derives from the scene.