Getting Started with the Confection
Key to getting a fast start on this assignment is deciding on a "an argument, a multifaceted definition, a set of detailed choices, the cause-and-effect relations in a process or story" to serve as your subject. We will collect some examples of concepts in the forum, "Confection Concepts"

Message 1
In a reply to the Moodle forum "Confection Concepts"--click the "Forums" link above--provide

  1. the name of two "conceptual" ideas or narratives and
  2. a clickable URL to a page on the web about each.

The concept can be drawn from physical science, social science, popular motivational lit, business studies, economics, cultural theory, history, academic or popular criticism (books/articles/reviews about movies, books, art, or music), and so on. The concept might appear in a book, article, textbook, magazine, or online.

An example of a concept is Greg Ulmer's definition of a "manifesto."

Message 2
moodle In a reply to someone else's posting--click the "Forums" link above, and then choose "Confection Concepts"--analyze and elabortate their concept by writing:

  • a list of the component parts of the idea (how you might break it down)

  • a word or phrase describing how the parts dynamically relate

    (for example, "steps in a process of development," "a set of branching choices over time," "a set of options for a single choice," "an 'anatomy' of types, features, or characteristics" "the mutual interdependence of two complex systems," "a set of positions in a debate or controversy," etc.).

  • a sentence drawing an analogy or metaphor that suggests that dynamic of parts: that is, that suggests the relationship of parts of the abstract idea as a road, a weather system, a mansion, a dramatic imaginative scene or tableau, etc.