Visual Analogy for a Confection Background (Continued on Moodle)

Why Background Analogies Make a Difference
moodle In the Moodle forum, "Visual Analogies as Confection Backgrounds" compare two of your four visual schemes/analogies. In that message, write the following:

  1. Name the concept and make that name a clickable link to a relevant page on the web.
  2. Under a heading "Parts," list the parts of that concept (being tools of analysis, confections always break ideas down into parts and show their relationships)
  3. Under a heading "Schemes," briefly describe in a sentence each the two visual schemes/analogies
  4. In a substantive paragraph under the heading "Differences," write about how the concept is different in the two visualizations: different viewpoints, different aspects emphasized, different relationships of parts or even different parts. You may find that changing the structuring metaphor gives you different concept.

    For instance, what happens when you take the Food Pyramid and make it into a Food Doughnut?