action projectYou will create a Web-based project that is meant to inspire and facilitate some kind of action from the online audience.

For more, see the Action Project Assignment Page.

scene to scheme project

The problem with many page-design schemes is that they lack a unity of effect. The effects they do manage are often generic and forgettable. One possible answer is to draw your inspiration for a design scheme from something that is both vivid and unified.

In this project, you wil create a home page for a ficticious characte which is unfied by consistent and effective look and feel. Choose that character from a book, story, movie, or other narrative form.

From that story, select a particular scene--a particularly telling scene--that reveals something essential about him or her.

The home page you design for this character will draw its visual elements, verbal style, mood, color choices, and so on from the details of this scene. See the assignment page for the Scene to Scheme Project.

Glocalization SiteIn this assignment, you'll create a web site that allows a global audience to experience some aspect of Duluth, Lake Superior, the Northshore or some similar locale. Because this global audience is possible only through the Internet, assume that they will never physically v

isit your locale. The only relationship your audience will ever have with your place is the online experience that you create, and the things you find to show and tell them.

For more, see the Glocalization Project Assignment Page.