Prospectus for a Confection Idea

1. Your Name:
2. Your Email Address

3. a word or phrase standing for the idea you'll visualize

4. the source of the idea (title of the book, article, review, URL of online resource)

5. the name of the author or originator of the idea
the component parts of the idea (how you might break it down)
7. a word or phrase describing how the parts dynamically relate (e.g., "a process of development," "a set of branching choices over time," "a set of options for a single choice," "an 'anatomy' of types or features," "the mutual interdependence of two complex systems," "a set of positions in a debate or controversy," etc.).

8. a short paragraph making an analogy that suggests that dynamic of parts: that is, describe the parts of the abstract idea as a road, a weather system, a mansion, a dramatic imaginative scene or tableau, etc.