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Course Evaluations
Since this is our last class meeting together, we'll do course evalutions. Our course call # is 47064. The QTR # is 5.

Conferences Next Week, No Class Meetings
Sign up for conferences next week either on Tuesday or Thursday to discuss your Graphic Represenation of a Process Project and your ideas for the second Analytical Essay project. Bring your first Analytical Essay to the conference.

Graphic Process: project due, URL posted, annotation turn-in all by noon on Monday
The Graphic Represenation of a Process Project is now due to be posted to the Web by noon. on Monday, 5/5. Also:

  • send a message to the Webx discussion "Graphic Process URLs" with your name and the complete URL of the project (in that order) by noon on Monday, and
  • place an annotated printout of the project in my box by noon on Monday, 5/5.

Peer Techniques
Today, we'll have Peer Technique presentations from the three folks below. Please download any images images provided and open them in Photoshop to be ready to follow along.

  • Kyle Lehane
  • Tony Derrick
  • Amanda Hanson (image)

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