revision project

Revise one of your previous projects with a new vision of what you want to do.

By "ReVision," I don't mean a "fix-up" of a previous project with lots of local corrections and improvements.

A Global Plan

Instead, a ReVision entails a global transformation in the idea or strategy you pursue in the project, which will require changes throughout. This global transformation will be guided by a specific goal or vision that you set for yourself and explain in the commentary, for example,

  • recreating the project for a new audience or purpose,
  • solving an essential problem of meaning or effect with a new structure or unifying theme
  • experimenting with a relationship between some aspect of form and meaning (between color and emotion, for instance)

Basically, your global ReVision plan should be based on a diagnosis of a fundamental need in the original, or some an important, unrealized potential.

Your commentary of the ReVision should therefore be specific about this new plan or vision and how it guided the various changes you made.

If you Revise a Visual Project

Be sure to save the original version of the project to compare to your ReVision. Post the ReVision Project to the Web in its own folder called "revision."

When you send the URL of the ReVision to the Webx discussion "revision," also include a link to the original as well in your message.

If You Revise an Essay

If you revise an essay, rather than an online project, please turn in a hardcopy of the revised essay as well as the original copy with my comments and markings.

In the margins of the revised copy, please make handwritten annotations characterizing your changes and explaining what those changes contribute to the meaning and effect of your essay. Your "big vision" commentary, which explains your overarching goal for the revision, should appear on a separate page attached to the front of the essay.



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