Thursday, May 7 (Last Class Meeting)


bullet For Today You Were To
1. Bring in your Murray book and all the print outs of readings from this semester. We will talk about the exam on Thursday using this index of key terms and ideas from the semester.

2. Bring your essay to turn in

Please complete this very brief survey to assess the focus on this class. You answered the same quesitons at the beginning of the semester.

bulletCourse Evaluation
You will also complete the usual course evalution.

bullet Roll

bullet Questions?

bullet Final Exam on Friday, May 15 at 4 p.m.
We will have our Final Exam on Friday, May 15 at 4 p.m. in this room.



Exam Preparation (The Golden Moment)

For an index to some of the critical terms from our readings, consult the page Key Terms and Ideas, Spring 2009.

I will give you a copy of the exam format.

In class, we will survey our readings to identify some recurring themes or issues. These are the kinds of issues that I will ask you to write about in the essay portion of the exam.

The idea in this exercise is to find as many threads as possible which we could use to string together aspects of these various readings. These threads can serve as means to get these writers to" talk to" one another:

  • to disagree,
  • to realize their differences,
  • to find unexpected areas of agreement,
  • to identify their positions and perspectives (social, professional, economic, etc.)
  • to reveal their categories of thought that distinguish them.




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