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Post-Prospectus Conferences
Please sign up for a time to meet via the Wiki, "Post-Prospectus Conferences." Please let me know if you need to arrange an alternative day/time.

We now have an informal blog for "American Authorship"

Reading for Our Open Date
We have an open date on April 15th. Propose readings for that day via the Wiki "Possible Additional Readings." Please post one entry by Tuesday, March 9 at 2 p.m.

Online Electronic Reserves
A listing of links to some of the readings for this course provided via the Library's electronic reserves system.

Discussion Questions
For weeks 6-16, I will ask you to post a question/topic per week via the Wiki "Discussion Questions." Please post this question at least 30 minutes before class so the person leading discussion can integrate them into the lesson plan for that day.

Reports and Discussion Leading
The dates for these activities are now on the course schedule.

Recent Resources