Future of the Internet (Radio Program)

1. Listen to the BBC radio program "The Future of the Internet"

2. After you are finished, scan through the program again and write down eight key namse, terms, or phrases that struck you as significant or interesting as it relates to understanding digital culture: 2 from each seven-minute segment (that is, 2 from between minutes 0.00 - 7:00, 2 from between minutes 7:01 - 14:00, etc.). Note down the minute/second number where each item first appears.

3. Do web searches on four of the items, look at some pages, and decide on a useful link for each.

4. In a reply to the forum, "'Future of the Internet' Index," send your list of eight items with minute/second numbers, four with clickable URLs underneath. For two items, write a paragraph each explaining why you think this item is significant or consequential for understanding digital culture. Feel free to make connections with previous readings.