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Writing in Augmented Space

Writing in Augmented Space

Bog Standard
"Bog Standard" is an experiment in augmented reality completed for a class called New Media Writing at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

This project is designed for delivery by technologies that enable writers or artists to superimpose their work onto actual locations and objects through the use of GPS-powered, hand-held devices. Though the material from this project is presented here as a web site, the intended medium is the location itself, not the computer screen.

The maps, images, and interactive panoramas provided in these pages represent the place where this project is installed, and the various texts that appear in the cell phone image--audio tracks, and supplemental images, documents, etc.--would be available via an iPhone, smartphone, or iPad to an audience in locations within that place.

Click on the highlighted spots indicated below to visit these locations virtually. [Note in this sample that only the left-most hot spot is functional]


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