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Inauspicious (Titusville: Highway 50 and I-95)


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Inauspicious (Titusville: Highway 50 and I-95)
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Look off to your left.  See those pine trees? 

[sfx: light wind.]

Imagine you've climbed the rough-bark to the top of the tallest one.  Your hands smell of pine sap.

[sfx: distant light highway traffic.]

From up there, in 5000 BC, the view west across what is now I-95 is a wide savanna [sfx: stop traffic, leaving just the wind] dotted with mammoths, mastodons and buffalo.  Turn your head to the east and--rather than the Indian River, the low fringe of Cape Canaveral's trees, and the Atlantic--you see more land to the horizon. 

The last Ice Age is still occupying water from the oceans, and the peninsula of Florida is twice its size on modern maps. Central Florida's climate is more like Virginia's, and the tree you're clinging to is an oak.  But look down and there's the same miserable-looking pond, of all things.  [sfx: distant light highway traffic] And your car parked on the side of Windover Way.

One of the more intriguing discoveries to come from the dig is the remains of a pre-teen child, known to diggers as the Sick Kid....