Prospectus 2.0:
Writing in Augmented Space Project

Your Name:

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1. Title of Project

2. Name and a brief description of the place to serve as medium for writing

3. A list of possible locations, views, or gazes within that place

4. URL of Google Map, Street View or other image or resource concerning the place

5. a list of "not here/now" topics, flashbacks, ideas, facts, images, etc. that might compose elements of the augmented-space layer

6. a description of the old-media genre that you're emulating: poem, memoir, fiction, feature article, argumentative analysis. If you have a particular example in mind, describe it as weil: a specific Stephen King short story, a particular New York Times article, n specific Daily Show segment, etc.

7. a sentence speculating on the project's primary meaning or effect as best you understand it now.

8. What was your inspration for this project idea?

9 first portion of script for a location, view, or gaze

10. second portion of script for a location, view, or gaze