Setting Up to Do McFarland's
Chapter 1 Tutorial

1. Download the Missing CD:

See the publisher's web page for McFarland's book and click the link for "Download Tutorial Files".

Your computer will download a .zip file and then unzip the file to create the folder "MM_DWCS6" (check your browser's "Downloads" window; on some computers or with some browsers, you may need to double-click the zipped folder to open it).

Next, copy the folder "MM_DWCS6" (not the .zip file) onto the top level of your USB drive (on the same level as the "www" folder so your folders at the top level of your USB look like this:

new media writing

2. Copy the "Chapter01" folder from "MM_DWCS6" to your "exercises" Folder

Your folders should now look like this:

new media writing











Every time you begin a new McFarland Chapter tutorial, copy the chapter's folder from "MM_DWCS6" to your "www/4230/exercises" folder and work on that copy you moved. The copies of the tutorial materials in the "MM_DWCS6" folder should remain untouched, just as you downloaded them.

3. Open Dreamweaver, and Define a "Local Site" for this "New Page" Exercise

Create a new folder called "newpage" inside of your "exercises" folder (www/4250/exercises/newpage).

Follow McFarland's directions on pages 40-44 for setting up a site in Dreamweaver for a particular project or exercise. You will use this same process for each of the tutorials in the McFarland book.


4. Create a Web Page

Follow McFarland's directions for Creating a Web Page on pages 44-48.

Save the result into the new folder "www/4250/exercises/newpage"


5. Start the Homework

If you have time, begin the homework of completing the Dreamweaver Test Drive tutorial on pages 49-83.

On page 58 (Step 4), McFarland tells you to select the folder "Chapter01" from the "MM_DWCS6" folder. Instead, select the copy of the folder "Chapter01" that you copied into your "exercises" folder.