quote We American academics are anti-intellectual precisely in our reluctance to emerge from our respective disciplines, to act as intellectuals in the larger community of the whole university and the whole society."

- Patricia Bizzell

Word Association Talks

The Word Association Talks are a series of informal, lunch-time presentations of current research and creative endeavor by faculty or students from the English and Writing Studies departments. 

The talks are presentations destined for conferences, or pieces of articles in process, or recent work already presented or published but unknown to most colleagues.

Please feel free to bring your lunch.

All talks are scheduled to begin at noon.

Fall 2015 Schedule

When Presenter Topic Where
Thursday, October 15, noon Chongwon Park and Dan Turner “A Hell of a Day: English Binominal Constructions” Kirby Studemt Cemter 333
Wednesday, November 4, noon Josh Bernstein "The Wounded Ghouls Project" Kirby Student Center 268


Fall 2014 Schedule

When Presenter Topic Where
Wed., October 8 Chongwon Park and Dan Turner “When Richard met CG redux: English Copy Raising” KPlz 302
Wed., November 12 John Schwetman "The Dystopian Present: Recolonizing America in Paolo Bacigalupi’s Shipbreaker and The Drowned Cities" KPlz 302
Wed., December 3 Rob Wittig "An Evolution in Electronic Literature" KPlz 302


Fall 2013/Spring 2014 Schedule

When Presenter Topic Where
Dec 12
Chongwon Park and Dan Turner “When Richard met CG: English Copy-Raising Constructions” KPlz 302
Wednesday, February 5 Burke Scarborough “What Is Summer (Really) For?: Examining Youth Summer Learning and Development Beyond the 'Summer Slide,'" LSBE 265
Tuesday, March 11 Krista Twu "Translating Boethius: Literary and Critical Issues" KPlz 302
Wednesday, April 16 Kathryn Van Wert "J. M. Coetzee on the Dangers of Skepticism" KPlz 302


Spring 2013 Schedule

When Presenter Topic Where
February 7

Eun Joo Kim "Layered Screens and Texts: Representations of the Korean Language in Contemporary American Film and Television" KPlz 302

Wednesday, February 20

Simon Kress "'Butcher, Publican, Baker, Bard': The Problem of Poetic Labor in Postwar Britain" Humanities 490
March 28

Chongwon Park and Dan Turner

"Merge and Move: Their Formalization and Parameterization" KPlz 302

April 25

Merry Rendahl
"Writing Empathy into Advanced Writing for Engineering: Hersey, the Yangtze, and Empathic Design"
KPlz 302


Fall 2012 Schedule

When Presenter Topic Where
Wednesday, September 26 Rachel Wolford "Understanding Rhetorical Agency's Shifting Forms by Talking with Women Farmland Owners" KPlz 302
Monday, October 29 Paul Cannan The Passionate Pilgrim, Edmond Malone, and the Making of Shakespeare's Poetic Canon KPlz 302
Wednesday, November 28 Lisa Horton “Recombinant Metaphors: Uses of Language and Medieval Interdisciplinarity in Pearl," KPlz 302


Spring 2012 Schedule
When Presenter Topic Where
Wednesday, February 22 at noon Marty Bock "Conrad's Framing of Disease" KPlz 302
Thursday, March 22 at noon Will Salmon “Who Said That? And the General Problem of How to Handle Your Obiter Dicta" KPlz 302
Thursday, April26 at noon Krista Twu “Profession and Vocation in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales" KPlz 302


Fall 2011 Schedule

When Presenter Topic Where
Tuesday, Oct 4 at noon John Schwetman Zombies and apocalyptic film and literature KPlz 302
Tuesday, Nov.1 at noon Chongwon Park and Nabil Cheikh Jabberwocky: let us learn parts of speech! KPlz 302
Wednesday, Dec. 7 at noon David Beard Utopian Memories: On the Rhetoric of Steampunk KPlz 302


Spring 2011 Schedule
When Presenter Topic Where
Thursday 1/27 Marty Sozansky   KPlz 302
Tuesday 3/8 Chris Julin and Catherine Winter   KPlz 302
Tuesday 4/19 Rochelle Zuck   KPlz 302


Fall 2009/Spring 2010 Schedule
When Presenter Topic Where
Thursday, 11/19/09 Chongwon Park Obligatory Adjuncts in English Middle Constructions KPlz 302
Wednesday 2/3/10 Avesa Rockwell Writing Centers as Models KPlz 302
Monday 3/8/10 John Hatcher Rethinking Anonymous Comments on News Web Sites KPlz 302
Wednesday 4/28/10 Kate Basham poetry KPlz 302

Fall 2008/Spring 2009 Schedule
When Presenter Topic Where
Monday 10/27/08 noon Evan Brier "Stories of the Novel's Demise in the 1980s: The Case of Less Than Zero Kirby Student Center 311
Thursday 12/4/08 noon David Beard Ethics of the Ear: Listening as a Technology of the Self Kirby Student Center 311
Tues 1/27/09 noon Hilary Kowino The Place of Origins, Roots, and Sources in African Literature Kirby Student Center 311
Mon 3/2/09 noon Susan Perala Dewey The Lake Superior Writing Project: Supporting the Teaching of Writing from Pre-K to PhDs," Kirby Plaza 302
Tues 4/21/09 noon Juli Parrish “How to Read Fan Fiction (and Still Respect Yourself in the Morning)" Kirby Plaza 302