Lab Assignment 2 -- Demo and Writeup Due 6 p.m. Sept. 19 in the lab session
CS 5551, Fall Semester, 2013
10 Points
Topics: Using Swing component models

Reference: Chapter 3 of the Swing Tutorial book

The assignment: Make a liquid measure converter that converts either from the U.S. system to the metric system or vice versa. This should work like the "Converter" program in the "Using Models" section of Chapter 3 of the Swing Tutorial book. The "Converter" program files can be found at: Converter program files.

Your program should handle milliliters, centiliters, and liters on the metric side, and gills, pints, quarts, gallons, and hogheads on the U.S. side. As in the distance converter porgram, you can let the metric side be the model and the U.S. side be the "follower". The relevent multipliers are as follows:

milliliters: 0.001
centiliters: 0.01
liters:      1.0
gills:       0.1183
pints:       0.4732
quarts:      0.9464
gallons:     3.7854
hogsheads: 238.48
Of course you should choose names of classes, variables, methods, etc. to be relevent to this application.

What to turn in: Turn in the following items from the Computer Science Lab Report Format:
1. (1 point) The Basic Information (your name, class, section, TA's name, assignment number, and date) can be on a separate cover sheet or as (highlighted) comments at the top of your main program file.
11. (4 points) Include the program listing. This listing should show good style, be appropriately commented, have the important parts highlighted, and include handwritten explanations if it helps the reader's understanding of the code.
13. (5 points) The most important part. Do demos of your modified program for the TA that demonstrate that the program works correctly.

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