Grades for CS 5721: Computer Graphics

Spring Semester 2006

The files with suffix "dist" are distributions for points for individual items -- for example lab3.dist contains the distribution of of points assigned for Lab assignment # 3 (so exam1.dist and final.dist will contain distributions for the first and final exams).

The file total.dist contains the distribution of total points. The course grade is determined by total points according to the table:

90% of possible points guarantees an A-
80% of possible points guarantees a B-
70% of possible points guarantees a C-
60% of possible points guarantees a D

These cutoffs may be lowered slightly, but they will never be raised. The "Scores" file contains a record of all the work turned in.

At the end of the semester, the "Scores" file will also contain course grades after the ID numbers and just before the total points.

Important Note: if you find any errors in the record of your work in the Scores file or in the TA's records, please contact the TA, since the TA maintains the official grade book (the Scores file may not be up to date during the semester, but should be accurate at the end of the semester).

Score information posted on the "TA class pages" of the TA's web site:

Scores file: Scores/grades Scores and course grades

End-of-semester Scores file:


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