Spring Semester 2011
Brass Techniques
11:00am MW, Chester Park 208
Jim Pospisil, Daniel W. Eaton, Tom Pfotenhauer

Purpose: To give the student knowledge in brass playing and teaching
            1. Demonstrate proficiency in teaching brass.
            2. Demonstrated proficiency in playing brass instruments
            3. Demonstrate knowledge of pedagogy, history, and acoustics of brass instruments.
            4. Demonstrate knowledge of educational prices and resources of brass instruments.

Attendance Policy:
            0-1 absence A
            2                     B
            3                     C
            4                     D
            5 or more       F
            Two tardies constitute one absence.  A tardy is an arrival after attendance has been taken and before 11:20.  Arrival after 11:20 is considered an absence.

            1. Practice 90 minutes per week
            2. Attend all class meetings
            3. Turn in all assignments on time
            4. Read assignments prior to class for discussion
            5. Bring all materials to class
            *Please let us know if you have any problems which is preventing you from performing satisfactorily in this class.

Exam and evaluations:
            1. Proficiency exams
                        a. All 12 major scales one octave, in quarter notes = 100.
                        b. Performance piece (assigned to class)
            2. Class participation
            3. Written exams
            4. Special project: Five page paper on brass topic, Topic due 2/2, rough draft due 3/3, final draft due 3/31.
            5. Lesson tests

            10% Attendance and class participation
            10% Special Project
            10% Teaching exams (lesson tests)
            20% Performance exams
            25% Midterm exam
            25% Final exam (not cumulative)

Materials needed for class:
            Three ring binder for handouts
            Text: “Complete Guide to Brass” by Scott Whitener
            Beginning Band Method Book 1: “Standard of Excellence”, for Trombone and Tuba
            Staff paper for exercises given in class
            Supplies to keep your instrument in working order(slide grease, slide cream, valve oil)

Schedule: (Subject to change)
            Week   1 - Pass out syllabus, intro to maitenance
            Week   2 - Trumpet
            Week   3 - Trumpet
            Week   4 - Trumpet
            Week   5 - Tuba/Euphonium
            Week   6 - Tuba/Euphonium
            Week   7 - Tuba/Euphonium
            Week   8 - Tuba/Euphonium , midterm exam
            Week   9 - SPRING BREAK
            Week 10 - French Horn
            Week 11 - French Horn
            Week 12 - French Horn
            Week 13 - Trombone
            Week 14 - Trombone
            Week 15 - Trombone

Students with disabilities

It is the policy and practice of the University of Minnesota Duluth to create inclusive learning environments for all students. including students with disabilities. If there are aspects of this course that result in barriers to your inclusion or your ability to meet course requirements-such as time limited exams, inaccessible web content, or the use of non-captioned videos- please notify the instructor as soon as possible. You are also encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Resources to discuss and arrange reasonable accommodations. Please call 218-726-6130 or visit the DR website at www.d.umn.edu/access for more information.