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Masters Research (Plan B) Papers

Lists of Plan B Research Papers. This index provides an alphabetic list of student authors of Plan B research papers and the titles of the papers they have written over the past 15 years. This list is in pdf format and is about 30 pages in length.

Selected Masters Research (Plan B) Papers for Review.

Some of these papers can be accessed online below. Please note that most of these papers had Denny Falk as a first reader and therefore are not a representative sample of all Masters Research Projects.

Over 50 Masters Research (Plan B) papers on child welfare topics have been completed by MSW students between 2000 and 2004. A list of these papers appears online (in pdf format) and can be found be found in 240 Bohannon Hall on the UMD campus. The papers not available online are also available in 240 Bohannon Hall.

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