How to get to Bratislava

You can fly directly to Bratislava (airport code BTS).

However, Vienna Airport (airport code VIE) will probably be your first choice, as it is served by all major carriers.


If you fly to Vienna, the most convenient way to get to Bratislava is to take a direct bus Vienna Airport – Bratislava Bus Station, which stops right in front of the terminal building of the Vienna Airport. It takes about 60 minutes to get to Bratislava Bus station (= Bratislava, AS in the timetable). Also check your connections here.


Because the links above sometimes don’t work properly, we have downloaded the timetable here.


More information can be found here. If you plan to attend the British Combinatorial Conference, please check here or here for very reasonable prices of plane tickets Bratislava–London.


Other options include Prague and Budapest. It takes approximately 5 hours to get from Prague to Bratislava by train or by bus. You can also fly to Bratislava by regular direct airline from Prague. Distance from Budapest is about 200 km. By train or by bus it takes 2.5 hours. Train from Budapest-Keleti pu. Station departs for Bratislava approximately every 2 hours. You may use the following site to find a suitable bus or train connection from Vienna, Prague, or Budapest to Bratislava.


Once you are in Bratislava, you can use one of the following options. Please read detailed info about public transport in Bratislava here.


There are money exchanges working long hours as well as instant tellers, accepting all major cards, at the airport, the bus station, and the main railway station.


An excellent source of information about Bratislava is here.



How to get to SUZA


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By a taxi (cab)


All official cabs in Bratislava have a yellow light on the roof with a sign TAXI. There are two types of cabs in Bratislava. The first comprises cabs organized in taxi companies; the others are independent cab drivers.  The former ones have a fixed price per km, the price varies slightly with individual companies. Each of these cabs has a 5-digit phone number on its door, the first two digits being 16. The independent cab drivers do not have any phone number on the door of their cars and they are allowed to charge customers any amount per km and might charge much higher fare than organized cabs.


Ask the driver to take you to SUZA, Drotarska cesta 46. The organized cab driver will charge you about 550 SKK from the airport, about 300 SKK from the bus station, and about 200 SKK from the railway station. There are plenty of organized cab drivers at the airport. At the bus station look to your right when you get off the bus, still inside the terminal, there are some organized cabs there. More organized cabs wait outside of the building. There are plenty of both types of cabs at the railway station.


By public transport


To take public transport you need to get a ticket before you get on a bus (trolleybus, tram). You can get a ticket at slot machines which accept only coins. At the railway station and the bus station you can get a ticket at stalls as well. Ask for “listok na dopravu”. There is a stall selling tickets next to the bus stop at the airport as well but it is closed on weekends. When you get on the bus validate your ticket in a marker. 


(1) From the railway station. Take a bus #41. Get off the bus at the last stop (Safranova). Continue some 150 meters in the direction of the bus. SUZA will be on your left. You can buy a ticket inside the railway station, or in a stall next to the bus stop. Ask for a ticket for 14 SKK.


(2) From the bus station. Take a trolleybus #210, which stops right in front of the main entrance to the bus station, will take you to the railway station. Then follow (1). You can buy a ticket inside the building. Get a ticket for 22 SKK. This ticket is valid for one hour, which is enough time to get all the way to SUZA.


(3) From the airport. Bus # 61 will take you to the railway station. Then follow (1). Get a ticket for 22 SKK. This ticket is valid for one hour, which is enough time to get all the way to SUZA.



Here is a printable version of the map