Invited speakers

Charles Colbourn, Arizona State University

            Avoidance of even configurations in triple systems 

Jeff Dinitz, University of Vermont

            On the Hamilton-Waterloo problem

Pavol Hell, Simon Fraser University

            From G-decompositions to H-colourings and M-partitions

Curt Lindner, Auburn University

            The intersection problem for Steiner triple system; a new proof that doesn't use induction!

Spyros Magliveras, Florida Atlantic University

            Large sets of t-designs and orthogonality

Rudi Mathon, University of Toronto

On maximal partial Steiner t-designs

Chris Rodger, Auburn University

            Graphs in graphs

Vojtech Rodl, Emory University

            Extremal problems for hypergraphs and regularity lemma

Gert Sabidussi, Université de Montréal

            Metric dimensions of graphs

Richard Wilson, Caltech

            On p-ary t-designs