SMART Goals and Improvement Plans

The most effective teachers set goals for professional development at the beginning of the year and then create plans to ensure that professional goals can be achieved. Some school districts even incorporate this into the teacher contract.

Directions: For your apprenticeship this semester create a smart goal and an improvement plan guided by:

Things to do:

  1. Brainstorm and record 5 or more aspects of professional teaching that experience tells you you want or need to improve upon.
  2. Revisit the first three chapters of Danielson's (2007) Enhancing Professional Practice noting where your want or need shows up in Danielson's framework.
  3. Choose from Danielson's domain 1 (Planning & Preparation) or domain 3 (Instruction) as a focus area for your SMART Goal and IP.
  4. After selecting a Danielson domain 1 or 3, find the corresponding chapter in the second portion of the book (mainly chapter 6) to clarify the component(s) of the domain you would specifically like to address. or example, Domain 1: Planning and Preparation, Component 1f: Designing Student Assessments. Figure 1.1 will also help you in this determination.
  5. Please look over the rubric associated with the domain and component(s) you choose. We will use this to assess your progress toward your SMART Goal.
  6. Once you decide on a domain and component(s), write a SMART goal and create a plan that will enable you to consciously improve toward your goal during this apprenticeship. Construct your goal so that it is:
  7. Use last semester's SMART Goal and IP as a guide. However, this semester you are to focus on the Observation Tool areas of:
    Domain C - Content Knowledge & Pedagogy
    Domain D – Instruction
    Domain E – Assessment & Evaluation
Materials:SMART Goal Checklist Improvement Plan Checklist Resources: