Lab 4 Developing Qualitative Assessments for Locomotor & Objective Control Skills

Purpose: The purpose of this lab will be to develop qualitative analytical rubrics for assigned locomotor and object control skills.

Materials Required: Text, Healthstar manager software, Healthstar tracker software, Labtop computer, and Zire PDAs.

Procedure: In this lab, you will work in small groups of 2-3 members using the Health Star Manager software loaded on each labtop computer to develop qualitative analytical rubrics for various assigned locomotor and object control skills. Your group will have this time to develop the rubrics and will use these rubrics when we study locomotor and objective control skills in lecture. You will need to bring your textbook to this lab because in chapters 10 (Locomotion Skills of Childhood) and chapter 11(Fundamental Object Control Skills of Childhood) there are developmental models of each locomotor and objective control skills that you and the group will use to develop the rubrics for the assigned locomotor and objective control skills.

During this semester each group will develop rubrics for the following skills:

1) Two-handed catch
2) Overhand throw
3) Batting or Hitting
4) Horizonal Jump

The instructor will instruct and demonstrate how to develop a qualitative analytical rubric using the Health Star Manager software in lecture prior to the lab. We have only eight cite licenses for this software so we will work in small groups. This should not be a problem because each lab only involves 11-12 students.

After the instructor has demonstrated how to develop a qualitative analytical rubric, you and your group will developed several assigned locomotor and objective controll skill qualitative analytical rubrics using the Health Star Manager. Once the groups rubrics have been developed the instructor will have the group use the developed rubrics to evaluate video clips of children aged 3 and 6 perform these skills. If time is available the developed rubrics will be hot sync (transfered) via Health Star Track software to a PDA. PDA will than be used to assess your assigned skills using children attending UMD pre-school program.

Obviously, this lab will not be completed in one lab session but over the period we will be studing locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills. The lab is complete when: 1) analytical rubrics for the completed skills are developed, 2) evaluations of the 3 and 6 years have been completed, 3) your rubrics have been hot sync to the your PDA, and 4) if time permits, you have assessed a pre-school child's motor skills.

The instructor will evaluate each groups' rubrics on the Health Star Manager and Tracker. If any part of the rubrics is not completed every member of the group will be deducted points for this lab. If you miss the lab or lecture where your group will developing a rubric or assessing for any reason including a UMD excused absence, you will not be able to make it up and will be deducted 5 points per lab or class period missed. If you miss one lab or class period it is 5 point deduction, 2 lab periods and/or 2 classes it is a 10 point deduction, so on and so forth. This lab is worth 25 points. Every member of the group will have the possiblity of earning 25 points.

Lab Outcomes: By developing your own rubrics for the assigned motor skill, it will refine your observation skills, develop a frame of reference about each skill so future evaluations of these skills can be made in systematic manner, and lastly, demonstrate how technology can facilitate the assessment of motor skills in both a clinical and school environment using state of the art software.