Dr. Debao Zhou

Teaching award and teaching capability

  • Young Teacher Award, SCSE/UMD, 2013
  • Teaching evaluation constantly at 5.0 out of 6.0

Course and program proposed and developed

  • Master of Science in Mechnical Engineering program (MSME)
  • ME 8777: Master’s Thesis Credits: Proposed graduate-level course
  • ME 8993: Graduate Seminar: Proposed graduate-level course
  • ME 5120: Advanced System Dynamics and Control: Proposed graduate-level course
  • ME 4060/5060: Machine Vision and Image Based Robot Control: Proposed undergraduate- and graduate- level courses

Courses taught 

Laboratory setup:

  • Completely upgarde: Kinematics and Control Labs, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, UMD, Spring – Fall 2015
  • From sketch: Control system laboratory, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UMD, Fall 2008
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