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Emily Gaarder, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology Anthropology
Office Location: 213 Cina Hall
Office Phone: 218-726-7094
Office Fax: 218-726-7759

Fall 2010 Office Hours:
M 4-5 p.m. and Th 10-11 a.m., or by appt.

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CRIM 3375: Restorative Justice (Fall 2010)

CRIM 4382: Victimology
(Fall 2010)

Soc 4935: Peace, Conflict and Violence (Spring 08)

Soc 1095: Freshman Seminar: Animals and Society (Spring 08)

Soc 8210: Advanced Research Design and Analysis
(Spring 2007)

Soc 4323: Women and Justice (Fall 2007)

CRIM 8295: Special Topics Gender and Crime (Spring 08)


Soc 4860: Environmental Sociology (Fall 2007)



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