First Grade - Topics

(Last Updated: August 19, 2005)


  1. Names/Greetings (4 lessons)
  2. Maps/Countries (5 lessons)
  3. Colors (5 lessons, + 1 optional lesson)
  4. Clothing (6 lessons, + 1 optional lesson) [After the first year of this project, you could a) eliminate this topic and replace it with another, or b) eliminate it and take advantage of extra material in other topics, or c) change the lessons, to work more with colors, numbers, touch (from K), descriptions (large/small, long/short, etc. Since there are likely to be students in Grade 1 who did not have the K program, I would opt for the latter (c), and perhaps reduce the number of lessons.]
  5. Numbers (6-7 lessons, + 1 lesson for later if need be)
  6. Animals (8 lessons) (Note: There are many suggestions for other possible lessons, and there are K lessons available, also)
  7. Sounds (1 lesson)
  8. Alphabet (3 lessons)
  9. Time (Seasons; Calendar) (2 lessons; 4 lessons)

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Authors: Eileen M. Zeitz, Heather Dray

Date: July 12, 2000