P.E. 1620 Aikido

Frank Guldbrandsen, Ph.D., D.Sc., instructor



P.E. 1620 Aikido Syllabus

The goals of this class are to introduce students to the theory, movement, and practice of the art of Aikido. Aikido began this past century in Japan and is literally translated as the path of harmony with all life energy.

Students will be expected to be ready to train promptly at 12:00 each class session, dressed in a clean practice uniform (gi), and wearing no watches or jewelry. The practice hall (dojo) is traditionally a place of reserved conversation, seriousness, and cleanliness. Students are expected to continue this tradition.

During the course of the semester students will begin to learn on the physical plane a number of defenses to attacks from an aggressor. Over time conscientious students will be able to become proficient enough to feel confident that they could defend themselves successfully from physical attack. Just as importantly, students will learn about aggression and harmony on the mental and emotional planes.

Be gentle with yourself and those you train with. For most of us this is new and unusual stuff and requires that we go slowly at first in order to go more quickly later on.

Students will be expected to learn the Common Aikido Words and the Aiki Taiso. We will recite these often during class, but most students will need to do some conscious memorization. There will be both oral and written quizzes at the end of the semester over terms as well as a performance examination in the arts.

Any student with a physical difference or a learning difference which the instructor should know about in order to facilitate an optimal learning experience for the student, should make themselves known.




Morihei Ueshiba (O'sensei) is the founder of Aikido.
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Roderick T. Kobayashi is the founder of Seidokan Aikido.


Summary of Aikido Principles
Descriptions of the Aiki-taiso from Kobayashi-Sensei
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