Geoffrey G. Bell, PhD, CA

Geoff is an Associate Professor of Management in the Department of Management Studies in the Laboivitz School of Business and Economics at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.  Geoff completed his undergraduate and MBA degrees from the University of Manitoba, and his PhD from the University of Minnesota.  Additionally, Geoff has a CA designation from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba. Geoff is a member of the Academy of Management, the Strategic Management Society, and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba.


Geoff’s current research interests include networks, industry clusters, and interorganizational trust.  He has presented papers at the Academy of Management meetings, the Strategic Management Society meetings, and various international Business Ethics conferences.  He has published papers in the Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Review and the Journal of Business Ethics.

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Student Resources:

I am in the process of building an on-line resource centre for my students. This will include class materials such as syllabi and overheads. To access the resource centre, click here. Jim Vileta's web page is available here. For students encountering research articles for the first time, I have prepared a guide for how to read and understand research articles. It is available here.

I am also developing a list of resources for my advisees. To access useful material for advisees, please click here.

Geoff’s teaching interests include Business Strategy, Strategic Alliances, and Business Ethics.  In Spring 2008, Geoff is teaching one section of Undergraduate Business & Society and one section of Cooperative strategy. If you want to see sample strategy papers, they're available here.

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Students need to be aware of important Management Studies Department policies, particularly regarding plagiarism and the use of term papers in multiple classes. I expect you to read and be familiar with these policies.

Independent Studies:

Students who are interested in completing an independent study with me should be aware that I will only help you with such a project if it aligns with my current research interests. You can determine those interests from my vita. Also, please be aware that the MgtS Department has adopted a policy regarding independent studies projects, which you can access here.


If you find an error on my website (goodness knows they're lurking out there), please send me an email.

More casual stuff...

Many of you in my classes have heard me talk about my wife Velda. Here's a shot of Velda at the Soudan Underground mine.

Additionally, I sometimes mention my dog, Annie. Here she is, doing the "bestest thing in all the world" - playing fetch at the beach!

Finally, meet my Feline friend Libby. Believe it or not, she's over 15 years old!

And yes, Libby and Annie get along "like cat and dog"!