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For the Poet

How To Find Me on Rainy Days
By Tonya Morton
- For Linda Hasselstrom

After driving through Black Hawk,
take ramp 51 onto smooth, gray I-90
headed west.
Leave one back window open
and taste the thunder
with black coffee
and Bruce Springsteen.

If you don’t need to go to the bathroom
keep going
past Piedmont
(Where I stayed out dancing until 2 am
one night when I was fifteen.)

When you see the United Methodist Church to your right
you are in Sturgis
(if you see my parents’ car in the parking lot, it must be Wednesday.)
Keep driving..

The next town you will see is Spearfish.
Take exit 14
and cross the bridge
headed toward the Kmart
(where I bought a swimming suit in the 3rd grade.)
Pass the whole strip mall
and turn toward town.

A couple of miles later
you will see a sign for Spearfish Canyon.
Follow the two-lane blacktop
into the hills.

In the canyon, turn off Bruce
and your cell phone.
Loosen your seatbelt
and try to memorize
all the yellow and red leaves.

Slow down for Spindle Falls
off to your left.
And pretend for a few seconds
at every house you pass
you are coming home.

After twenty minutes
you have a decision to make.
Left will take you home.
Right will take you to Colorado
and anywhere you’ve never been.

Consult your stomach
That burning means you should go right
and that cool sensation means left.
Whichever is stronger,
That is where I am.

Needles Highway

Poet's Table

"On the trail to Little Devils Tower about 150 paces past the second bridge there's a step in the ground at a slight diagonal. It'll point to a tree with a blue diamond. The path is right behind that tree. Follow the path staying close to the granite walls.  When you reach the top, you'll turn left where there is no path. Crawl over the fallen tree and Poet's Table is on the other side."

- Prairie Rose H.