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Field Research, Iceland, 2005

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Great Lakes Diving
Geology Links Page
Midwest Diving
Miscellaneous Links
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Star Wars

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Duluth Shipping News
Ship arrivals and departures for the Port of Duluth

Duluth News Tribune
The Northland's Newspaper

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Star Wars

The Force.net
Your daily dose of Star Wars. Features TROOPS. What is TROOPS? TROOPS is a hilarious spoof of COPS set in the Star Wars Universe.

The official site from Lucasfilm. Everything on this site is straight from the horses mouth (G. Lucus)

Jedi Net
Home to some great Star Wars Spoofs. The makers of the movies on the site couldn't afford to hire real actors so they used plastic action figures instead.

Find Your Star Wars Twin
Using a standard personality psychology test, this website can tell you which traits you have in common with characters from the Star Wars movies.

How To Build a Stormtrooper Costume
In case you were wondering how. This link may not work. The site has been up and down.

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Great Lakes Diving

Michigan Underwater
List of Lake Michigan wrecks with Loran
Complete listing of Lake Erie Wrecks
Great lakes light houses
Milwaukee ship wrecks
Lake Superior in Minnesota
Michigan underwater preserves
Great Lakes shipping info
Great Lakes resource info
Great Lakes Ship wrecks
Chicago area wrecks
Resource info for the Great Lakes
Wrecks of Lake Huron
Info on all the fish of Lake Michigan
Info on all the fish of Lake Superior
S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald info
Nonindigenous Species Site from Purdue

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Midwest Diving

Drift diving Port Huron, Michigan
Bonne Terre mine Bonne Terre, Missouri
Gilboa Quarry in Gilboa, Ohio
List of five dive sites in the Midwest

Ice diving at Brandon Road Quarry in Joliet
Brandon Road Quarry in Joliet, IL
Many sites in Minnesota and Wisconsin
Many sites in Michigan
Kickapoo State Park in Oakwood, IL
Listing of four quarries in Tennessee
France Park
Many Midwest diving locations
US Coast Guard web site
Wisconsin/ Upper Michigan Dive sites
Illinois Council of Skin and Scuba Divers
Ohio dive sites
Hyperbaric chamber at Lutheran General Hospital
Racheal Carson Scuba
Pearl Lake
List of Midwest diving locations

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Miscellaneous Links

US Postal Rates
USPS Rate Calculator

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The Weather Channel
The nuttiest meteorologist around is The Weather Channel's Dave Scwartz

Space Weather by NOAH
Providing space weather alerts and warnings
to the nation and the world

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