Educ 1100 Human Diversity & PEA 299 Intercultural Understanding and Competence: Spring 2004 - Vaxjo University: Kajsa Higgins & Helen Mongan-Rallis

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Media analysis: Development & maintenance of social norms through news media

Part 1: Research media for one week

Each member of your group read at least 3 online newspapers, one being The Duluth News Tribune (USA) ( and the other two being from another country. You can find examples of online newspapers in English from different countries in the world at Selected English Newspapers online ( or Pick countries that are significantly different to each other (so don't go with papers from all English speaking, western countries. Some specific examples might be:

As you do this, examine the role of the media in the development and maintenance of social norms, and compare and contrast your answers for the papers from different countries.. Among the questions to consider as you follow the news are:

Other guiding questions to help you recognize bias within individual news stories:

Part 2: Present analysis of findings

Develop and present to the class an analytical report of your findings on role of the media in the development and maintenance of social norms. In this report you should describe your group's findings, supporting your arguments by reference to the above questions and any others that you explored during your study. Your report will be given during class (dates to be scheduled). Presentations should be 8-10 minutes long per group. They may take the form of any one or a combination of the following:

This assignment must be done with two or three other students from the class. The reason for working together is because each of you brings a different perspective to your reading and viewing, based on your own personal experiences. Thus, as you discuss what you are watching or reading, you will help each other be more aware of different perspectives on the way the news is presented. If possible you should watch the news together so that you can discuss what you see immediately following (and even during) the broadcast. You may also assign each person a different role in keeping track of what you observe. Also read the same news papers and then discuss your findings together. Synthesize your findings using the guide above, and present one copy of your final report with all your group member's names on it.

Grading: Provided that all members of the group contribute equally to all stages of this project, you will all receive the same grade. When your group gives your presentation you will each turn in a description of:

1100 Syllabus|Schedule|Assignments|Resources