Educ 1100 Human Diversity & PEA 299 Intercultural Understanding and Competence: Spring 2004 - Vaxjo University: Kajsa Higgins & Helen Mongan-Rallis

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Reflection Paper #1: Exploring What Diversity Means To You

Listed below are a number of questions and issues for you to consider in your first reflection paper. You may choose to answer as many as you like, in whatever order you wish. If there are other issues you would like to discuss related to these issues, please feel free to do so. What I am looking for in this and all of the reflection papers in this class is (see reflection paper rubric for detail)

Questions to use as a guide in this first reflection paper:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What does diversity mean to you?
  3. What is your ethnic/racial heritage?
  4. Are you clear about your ethnic/racial identity? If yes, why? If no, why not?
  5. Who (or what) are the most significant influences in the establishment of your racial/ethnic identity?
  6. What experiences have you had with people who you perceive as different to you?
  7. As a child, did you have friends who were of a different racial/ethnic background to you? Either way (ie: if your answer was yes or no) how has this influenced the ways in which you view and have interacted with people from other racial/ethnic backgrounds as you have grown up?
  8. How were people of different cultures viewed in your family? How were they treated?
  9. What messages did you get about people who were "different" from you?
  10. What feelings do you experience when writing this paper?
  11. Why do you think it's important for students to take a Human Diversity course?
  12. What else would you like to add to your reflections here about what diversity means to you?

1100 Syllabus|Schedule|Assignments|Resources