Educ 1100 Human Diversity & PEA 299 Intercultural Understanding and Competence: Spring 2004 - Vaxjo University: Kajsa Higgins & Helen Mongan-Rallis

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Final Reflection & Course Synthesis

This final reflection is in place of a final exam for the course. As such it should be a measure and evidence of what you learned as a result of the course. Keep this in mind as you respond to the guidelines below, so that your final product is a true reflection of your learning.

We have covered a lot of bases throughout this class in exploring issues of human diversity. Our broad course objectives were as follows:

Write about what you learned, in particular connecting your analysis of your learning to these objectives. I want to read not merely a factual synthesis and description, but more importantly about your opinions, and how they evolved through the course (either changing or becoming stronger). When/if what we talked about and what you were assigned wasn't new to you, then write to me about how you made good use of your time in this class, how you pushed yourself to go beyond the requirements. Talk too about how you took responsibility for learning and for challenging yourself throughout this course.

Your grade will reflect how well you have synthesized the different aspects of the course (in class activities, assigned readings, readings beyond what was assigned, participation in outside of class activities, school visits, your practicum, meeting and getting to know a wide range of people in and out of class, how you have made the most of all your opportunities in Vaxjo and beyond to help you understand what you are learning in this class) with your understanding of the complex nature of human diversity and how you have connected these to the course objectives.

Format and length:

You analysis may take the form of a written paper (minimum of 3 word-processed pages) or an annotated collage (using photographs, illustrations, and/or other graphics to depict your learning). If you choose to do the collage, your annotations accompanying the visuals must still show depth of reflection and analysis.

1100 Syllabus|Schedule|Assignments|Resources