EdSe 3204 - General Instructional Methods Spring 2005: Dr. Helen Mongan-Rallis

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Lesson Plan 1 Assignment

Ideally this lesson plan should be done with 1-2 others from our EdSe 3204 class. You do not have to be in the same discipline. Your plan can be an interdisciplinary plan that incorporates elements of each of your subject areas or it may be from just one of your subject areas. If you work in groups, submit only one copy of the assignment with all of your names listed on this. See Checklist of assignment elements.


INTASC Standard 7 - Planning Instruction: The teacher plans and manages instruction based upon knowledge of subject matter, students, the community, and curriculum goals.


Develop basic skills on lesson planning using the Understanding By Design (UBD) framework, content standards, & Internet resources.


  1. Plan using the Understanding By Design (UBD) framework
  2. Design lesson plans that are geared towards meeting content area standards
  3. Use Internet lesson planning resources as sources of lesson plan ideas
  4. Structure learning plans using the most common components of lesson plans


  1. Review the the Understanding By Design (UBD) framework and download the UBD blank template (use either the web based format in html or download the MS Word Template. You should develop your lesson plan using this framework as a template.
  2. Go to MN Department of Education standards web site and pick a portion of a standard from your subject area (if no state standards in your area, go to the national level and/or ask your cooperating teacher what standards s/he is assigned by the district). Place this standard in the template under "Content standard." (Example: Geography Grades 9-12 content standard C states, " The student will understand the regional distribution of the human population at local to global scales and its patterns of change."
  3. From the standards, determine desired results:
  4. Identify what assessment evidence you will ask students to produce to demonstrate their achievement of the standards.
  5. Locate 2-3 lesson plans or learning activities on the Internet that you could use as resources for ideas in developing your own lesson plan. Print these and include at the end of your assignment.
  6. Outline the learning plan (teaching & learning activities). This plan should be aligned clearly with the desired results (ie: geared towards having students meet the objectives, answer the essential questions, and be able to complete the assessment activities). The plan should include all of the following components:

What you should turn in:

  1. UBD format as your framework: your plan should include all the parts contained within this template (i). desired results: content standard; understanding(s)/goals; essential question(s); lesson objectives (ii). assessment evidence (iii). learning plan with all parts a-e above.
  2. Three different Internet lesson plans or other resources that you have used in helping you prepare this lesson.
  3. I do need to have this assignment turned in as a paper copy, but you should be sure to have it electronically to put in your portfolio.

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