EdSe 3204 - General Instructional Methods Spring 2005: Dr. Helen Mongan-Rallis

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Lesson Plan 1 Checklist

Peer feedback on Lesson Plan 1 assignment: Working in 2s: Share your lesson plan 1 assignment with each other and provide each other with feedback & suggestions on the plan using the following guidelines:

Element of lesson Check if present & comment if needed
Uses UBD framework
Stage 1:Has content standard, goals, essential questions, objectives. Objectives are written in behavioral terms (as outcomes that are observable and measurable)
Stage 2: Lists performance assessment and other methods of assessment. Methods of assessment are designed to assess the objectives (i.e. they are aligned with the objectives so that they measure what you said you wanted students to be able to do as a result of the class).

Stage 3: Learning activities part of the lesson includes:

Introduction, body , closure
Teaching and learning activities are designed to enable students to achieve the lesson objectives (i.e. they are aligned with the objectives so that they teach what you said you wanted students to be able to learn as a result of the class).
Clear transitions between lesson elements (show how you will connect each part to the next part)
As is appropriate to the lesson, connects to past learning (review) and previews what is to come (can include pre-assessment, connection to real world application & essential questions).
Describes clearly what students will do & procedures for teacher to set up activities (e.g. if students are in groups, say how you will group students, what the directions are for the group activity)

If there is to be a discussion, includes key framing questions (as opposed to "discuss X, Y, Z")

Provides appropriate scaffolding of learning (e.g. first provide input and modeling, then guided practice, then move towards independent practice).
Connects new learning to students' existing knowledge and experiences (think about their zone of proximal development).

Provides outline of content that will be addressed at each point (e.g. if lesson includes explanation of steps in a problem, then list these steps; if you are lecturing on an area of content, provide brief outline of the content)

Examine the teaching strategies that you have chosen for your lesson. Are these strategies appropriate given the subject matter, your lesson objectives, desired learner outcomes, & characteristics of learners?
Incorporates formative assessment during the lesson (check for understanding)
At the end of the lesson, provides for synthesis of what has been learned and where appropriate, previews/connects to next lesson(s)  
Plan can be easily understood -- if you were a substitute teacher in this subject area, you would be able to follow the plan and teach it.  
Free of spelling and grammar errors  
Three different Internet lesson plans or other resources that you have used in helping you prepare this lesson  

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