EdSe 3204 - General Instructional Methods Spring 2005: Dr. Helen Mongan-Rallis

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Course Schedule

Note: This is a tentative schedule and may be adjusted at different points during the course. Additional readings and items to prepare for class will be added under the "Read/prepare for class" column as the semester progresses, so it is important that you check the schedule each week for any changes and updates. This page was last updated on May 4, 2005

Link to plan
Topics Read/prepare for class Assignments due
1 2/21 Course introduction & design    
2 2/23 Peer teaching 1

2 minute lesson

Plan PT1
3 2/28 Course design (continued)
Intro to understanding by design:
Steps to vacation planning
Overview of STEP Blocks
Facets of teaching & 3204 (Download MS Word file)
4 3/2 Creating learning environments based on understanding of students:
* questionnaire for 3204 candidates (download file in MS Word)
* Things I wish you understood...
* Setting up the environment
* Guidelines for Creating Inclusive classrooms (ppt)
Helen's slides of scenes from classrooms around the world (view online slides)
* To learn more about how you learn: Enneagram Test; Learning Styles Questionnaire; VARK Questionnaire.

Setting Up Environment: View online or download ppt.
Creating Inclusive Classrooms: View online or download ppt.
Ch1, Ch. 4 & 5
PT1 analysis
5 3/7

Motivation & management
- Example of classroom environment: Helen's apprenticeship classroom at Central High School (view online slides)
- brainstorming of ideas for assignment on inclusive environments: Sec 1 (learning about students and creating environments..)
- Synthesis of 3204 candidates' sources of motivation

Review Ch. 5; Read Ch. 9 & 10 (skim 11).
Overview of Motivation & Mngmnt: View online or download ppt.
6 3/9 Planning:
- Understanding by design:
- Standards, goals, objectives, outcomes

- Ch. 2, 3, outside plan egs
- Understanding by Design Exchange
- UBD overview (a). view online (b). download ppt)
- UBD framework

Creating Inclusive Learning Environ.
7 3/14 Planning: approaches to planning; parts of lesson:
* Hunter framework: elements of lesson design
Ch. 2 & 3 continued;Skim Ch. 12; e-mail yourself your UBD plan  
8 3/16 Planning: writing objectives:
* see Planning for Instruction
Ch.3, pp.79-90 philosophy 3/18
3204 IEP
9 3/28 Instructional strategies: overview Ch. 6, 7, 8
Instr. strats online
Teaching Tips Index
10 3/30 Instructional strategies:
Section 1 Groups
Section 2 Groups
Ch. 7 & 8 lesson plan 1. See checklist
11 4/4 Instructional strategies (continued): Lecture, whole class discussion Ch. 7 & 8  
12 4/6 Instructional strategies (continued):
Inquiry, cooperative learning (handout: SA Inquiry; Cooperative learning notes: view as html or download in MS Word)
Group work time to plan Peer teaching.
Ch. 7 & 8  
13 4/11

- Instructional strategies (continued): Using the Web, Web Quests:
** Working the Web for Education
** Webquest Portal (once there, click on "top" on the side bar & review examples)
- Review of expectations for Peer Teaching 2 assignment
- Overview of upcoming Teaching Strategies Matrix assignment (due May 4th)
-Group work time to plan Peer teaching.

See Peer Teaching 2 Assignment Guidelines
lesson plan 2
14 & 15 4/13 & 18 Peer teaching: teach a 10 minute lesson demonstrating the teaching strategy assigned to your group. See links below for notes on each strategy:
Section 1: using media/visual, Concept mapping, JigSaw, Virtual tour notes & View Virtual Tour
Section 2: Concept mapping (download pdf), Jeopardy, Jiigsaw, Virtual Tour notes and Virtual Tour PowerPoint:download PowerPoint)
  plan & teach lesson
16 4/20 Assessment
Group work time to evaluate your Peer teaching
  1. Ch. 12, 13
  2. Review the following websites to learn about how to develop rubrics:
  3. Gather and bring to class samples of tests and performance based assessments your cooperating teacher has used, that you have created, that you have found on the Internet, in UMD library, or other sources


17 4/25 Work day for groups: Finish peer teaching assignment analysis and work time on Teaching Strategies matrix


PT2 analysis & PT2 rubric

18 4/27

Analysis of your drafts of test, performance assessments, & rubrics

Apprenticeship analyses & apprenticeship analysis rubric
19 5/2

a. Developing professional portfolios

  1. Grading: mygradebook.com
Assessment: test, authentic assess, rubric
20 5/4
  • No Child Left Behind
  • Professionalism, working with others,
  1. Review No Child Left Behind website.
  2. NCLB Basics
Teaching strats matrix & teach. strats rubric
Professionalism assignment, self eval. on prep for class, if possible, portfolio (but may turn in Monday 5/9)

no final exam - portfolio due Monday of finals week (May 9th)


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