Educ 5413 - Teaching with Technology Summer 2004: Dr. Helen Mongan-Rallis

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Jeopardy Quiz/Computer Game Assignment Guidelines


To create a PowerPoint Jeopardy Quiz (or any computer game) that can be used as for reviewing student learning following a unit or as a pre-assessment prior to teaching a unit or lesson.


  1. Read through the Guidelines on Creating Jeopardy Quiz
  2. Plan your own quiz with at least 3 categories and 3 levels. Create a storyboard to plan a storyboard of your quiz.
  3. Create a Jeopardy quiz following the format described in Guidelines on Creating Jeopardy Quiz.
  4. Turn in a copy of your game (burn to CD) and hard copy of assignment rubric
See Jeopardy Quiz Rubric


5413 Home|Syllabus|Schedule|Assignments|View Grades