Home Scenes - December 2005

A week before Christmas we finally got some real snow -- about 20 inches in 3 days. It was beautiful! Here you can see that the snow is at least level with the back deck (which I shoveled so we could use the hot tub).

Here Kaitlin enjoys a soak in the hot tub despite the very cold temperatures. Even when it got down to nearly zero Fahrenheit we have been out in the tub. Kaitlin is undaunted by the cold and periodically gets out and runs a lap around the back yard before rushing giggling and shrieking to leap back and thaw in the 104 degree water.

Harry has loved the snow, leaping and bounding through it, coming up with a face covered with snow balls.

The front of our house.

The sidewalk in front of our house after the first of the big snow.

Kaitlin and Taylor playing in the snow outside the house. Kaitlin tried to build a snowman, but it was too cold and the snow wouldn't form balls (it's almost like sand when it's so cold).

The photo that we used for our Christmas cards this year. Look closely at Kaitlin in this photo... and then at her in the next photo. I had to cheat at this year she would not stand still long enough to pose with us for our Christmas card photo, so we had the picture taken without her in it, and then I copied the adjacent photo and pasted it onto the "family" photo so it looks like she was posing with us!

A couple of days before our family photo, Kaitlin posed to have her photo taken with a doll that our neighbor Margaret had made.

Kaitlin dials Nana on the cell phone to thank her for her gift. Harry, aka "conehead" lies at Kathryn's feet looking very disgruntled with life. She was spayed this week and has to wear the plastic cone so she can't lick her incision.

Kaitlin runs along the road at the Park Hill cemetery, where Helen often takes the pups and Kaitlin for walks (and now to play in the snow). It is only a few blocks from our house and is really a beautiful and very large park-like area.

Kathryn and Kaitlin sledding in our back yard.

Kathryn and Trish singing at a music/singing evening that we went to out at some friends in Clover Valley.

Christmas eve at the Park Point beach, Kaitlin playing in the sand.. and ice ... with Taylor. It was a balmy 34 degrees F, having warmed up dramatically 2 days before Christmas. As soon as we arrived at the beach, armed with blankets, hot tea, and a picnic, Kaitlin stripped off and ran off down the beach, acting like it was 80 degrees and summer! We thought she would quickly get cold, but she never did, and had a wonderful time digging and playing in the sand. At least she didn't try to swim!

Kathryn tried to start a fire with driftwood (anticipating that Kaitlin would want to warm up by a fire!). However it had rained on and off all day and she couldn't get the wet wood to catch.

Kaitlin finally dressed and snuggled up on Kathryn's lap enjoying a hot cup of tea and a picnic lunch.