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One Way Out

[Music and Lyrics by Ron Romanovsky (1992), from CD Let's Flaunt It]

Guess I was one of the lucky ones
My threats were just a charade
But there was a time when it seemed like the answer
Was a bottle of pills or a razor blade
Cause when they don't understand you
Or they tell you it's only a phase

Well that's one way out of high school
One way to escape all your loneliest days
One way out of a small town
And sometimes it seems like the only way

I could have been a statistic
And what would the papers have said?
I doubt it they would have told the full story
Of who really left me for dead

When they talk about saving the children
One out of 10 they ignore
But if we the survivors can drown out the liars
We won't have to lose anymore

Anyone can be a beacon
To brighten the dark of despair
And light up the path to another way out
When nobody else seems to care

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