Dr. James Allert: Course Homepage

James Allert
Office: Heller Hall 324A
Office hours: MTW 3:00 - 4:30pm and arranged
phone: (218) 726-7194
email: jallert

CS-1121 Intro to Programming in Visual Basic (3 credits)

Fall 2016
Lecture: 12:00 T,Th in Montague 70
Lab: F (various times)

CS-1121 is an introductory programming course that assumes no prior programming experience. Students will use the Visual Basic language to create programs in a Windows environment to solve a variety of problems. The course covers essential topics such as control structures, GUI design, functions, sub procedures, and common data strcutures such as arrays and files.

CS-1511 Computer Science I (5 credits)

Fall 2016
Lecture: 2:00 M,T,W,F in Chem 200
Lab: Th (various times)

CS-1511 is a comprehensive introduction to computer programming using the C++ langauge. The course covers programming basics as well as the main control structures. Students are introduced to simple data structures (arrays), pointers and files. Object-oriented programming is introduced along with concepts of abstraction, encapsulation and data hiding.

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