University of Minnesota Duluth



Educ 8018  Statistics

EnEd 5100  Research Methods

EnEd 5165 Theories &Models

EnEd 5625 Program Evaluation

EnEd 5850 Classroom Applications

EnEd 5855 Programming for Schools

EnEd 5998 Seminar


EnEd 1000 Intro. to OE and EE

EnEd 4555 Foundations of EE

EnEd 4565 Young Children, Nature,

and Sustainability

EnEd 4996 Internship

HPER 3100 Risk Management

HPER 3200 Research/Eval

REC 1202 Outdoor Skills II

REC 3330  Outdoor Rec.



 Julie Athman Ernst, Ph.D.


Director of Master of Environmental Education Program

Center for

Environmental Education

Department of Applied Human Sciences

Mailing Address:

110 Sports & Health Center

1216 Ordean Court

Duluth, MN 55812-3032

Office: 126 Sports & Health Center




Professional Experiences,

Research Interests,

Recent Publications


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Outdoor Education Major

Certificate in Environmental Education


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