EDUC 8018  Statistical Analysis in Educational Research


Course Information

EDUC 8018 Statistical Analysis in Educational Research is an applied, intermediate statistics course for doctoral level students in education and other human service professions.  The course will briefly review basic concepts of descriptive statistics, including descriptive statistics for univariate and joint distributions.  The course will emphasize concepts relating to statistical inference and significance testing and include the following techniques: t-tests (one-sample, independent, and dependent), one-way analysis of variance, factorial analysis of variance, split-plot analysis of variance, and analysis of covariance.  An overview of nonparametric statistical analysis and multiple regression analysis will be included if time permits.  The course stresses both conceptual and procedural knowledge of statistics, aiming for proficiency in using these statistical procedures in educational research to analyze and interpret data.  Course activities will focus on developing a working understanding of these techniques through practice exercises involving analyzing and interpreting data using SPSS for Windows and reporting results in APA format.

The course website is housed in Moodle and is available only to doctoral students registered for the course.






Last Updated: November 11, 2008