EnEd 4996 Internship Assignments



NOTE:  Failure to submit completed work according to the timeline specified with each assignment (with the last due date being the end of Week 15) will result in a "no-pass" grade; you will be required to repeat your internship if you receive a "no-pass" grade!

1.  Bi-monthly reports: Complete the report form every other week (end of week 2, 4, 6, 8, 10), have your site supervisor sign it, and submit it to your advisor (ask your advisor what the preferred mailing address or fax number is, especially if your internship is during the summer).  If you want to use email, please email it to your site supervisor, and then have your supervisor forward it to your advisor (this will be in place of the supervisor's signature).

2.  Two lesson plans or programs:  The first is due by the end of week 4, and the second is due by the end of week 8.  These should be lesson plans or programs that you have developed for or that you have taught at your site.

3.  Research project:  This involves a systematic process of observing or investigating a topic.  Your topic should be something in which you are interested and something related to your site.  You can select a topic relating to the natural or cultural history of your site, an environmental-related issue, or it can involve humans and/or actual data collection (evaluating the effectiveness of a program or lesson, collecting information regarding visitors' perceptions, knowledge or behavior, etc.).  This project could also be a curriculum project or a training handbook.  Regardless of your topic, your project should be typed and include an introduction, literature review, description of methods (how you developed your project or answered your research question), results/the actual product, conclusion, and references.  (You can see examples of other students' final research projects by going to the Library reserve desk and asking for samples under EnEd 4996/Rec 4996 Gilbertson.  Your topic must be approved by your advisor by the end of week 2; the final project is due by the end of week 15, as a part of your portfolio.

4.  Synthesis paper: This is a 3-4 page (typed) reflection of your internship experience.  Briefly describe what you did and then reflect on what you learned at your site.  Also reflect on how your experience relates back to what you learned at UMD and how it relates to the "bigger picture" of our field and profession.   This is due by the end of week 15, as a part of your portfolio.

5.  Final evaluation from your site supervisor (no required format, but the evaluation should be written/typed and signed by your supervisor).  This is due by the end of week 15, as a part of your portfolio.

6.  Final meeting with your advisor.  Bring your portfolio (including the above assignments, even the assignments you've submitted previously) to this meeting.  You will not receive a grade for your internship until you have met with your Advisor and your portfolio is complete.

Checklist to Keep Track of Assignments/Due Dates



Last Updated: October 2, 2007